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Personalization FAQs

Hannah Mockary

Posted on April 24 2017

What is a personalization?

 A personalization is a custom design of your child's name on the front window of your baby book with colors perfectly matching the color scheme of your album pages!

Please note that personalizations are not refundable. If you purchase a baby book with personalization, and decide to return it, we will not refund the $5 for personalization.




If I decide not to order a personalized album, what is displayed in the front window?

     All our Baby Books and School Years Albums that are sold without personalizations are fitted with our shop's logo on a standard sheet of card-stock in the front window. It is easy to remove at home, or you can simply place your own customization or child's picture in front of our name card.




    We haven't yet decided on a name for our little one. Is it possible to order a personalization at a later date?

      Absolutely! If you're unsure of a name for your little one, you can always purchase your personalization at a later time and just insert it at home! The personalization option is listed under our "Extra Pages" section on our website:

      I’ve received my album and the personalization was moved during shipping. How do I re-center it without ripping my book?

          So sorry about that! We recommend using a rolled up piece of tape to gently move the name card around to center it. Also, be careful not to pull the tape off roughly so that the paper is not torn!

        What if I order a personalized School Years album??

            The same personalization options apply to our School Years collection (i.e. Options 1, 2, 3, & 4). If you want to add an extra saying such as "Blake's School Years", remember to include this request in the notes of your order along with what color scheme you would like for the personalization. For School Years personalizations in which a color scheme is not specified, a standard Gray + Black color scheme is used.



          Option 1:


          Option 3:



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