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Birthday Gift Ideas

Julie Martin

Posted on June 04 2015

Summer with children seems to bring with it a birthday party invitation coming in every week. Of course, it is always fun to celebrate with friends and their kids, but it can begin to get a little pricey. I have a few tried and true inexpensive gifts that I have found to be a hit at a children's birthday party. 

Lego Duplo Ice Cream Set - $10.39 on Amazon Prime. the cutest little ice cream shop that is surprisingly cheap for the infamously expensive Lego brand. (Ages 1-7)

Color Your Own Cardboard House! $16.99 on Hobby Lobby (and you can use a 40% off coupon!) Though it is a little big large to bring to a party, it is a super fun gift that kids can color and then play in. This has been super handy for us in winter months when we were looking for fun things to do while indoors. (Ages 1-8)


LeapFrog Sing and Play Farm- $13.99 on Amazon Prime. We have a very similar older model of this gem. It has so many fun things to press and explore. Keeps an active 18 month old very busy during meals sometimes. (This would be good for babies 6 months and up to 3 years old)

A Kite - (Buy them at Target, they are way cheaper there than online) This may sound super simple, but you could even buy two since they are generally very inexpensive. (since kites + kids = one potentially getting destroyed and children's dreams crushed). Ages 3-12.



Classic Candyland Game - $8.99 on Amazon Prime. When we got this for my 4 year old, I think we played it 100 times in a row. I am not kidding. If someone already has this game, chances are it is worn down and the board is probably ripped in half, so I'm sure they would be grateful for a new set. (Ages 3-8)

These are just a few gifts that my kids have tested and would give their hearty thumbs up to. Here's to a summer full of water games and bounce houses!




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