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Julie Martin

Posted on September 02 2015

Ruby Love Baby was born many years ago out of a desire to have a baby book for my own son that would be a treasured keepsake and not horrible to look at. The first year we shipped out of our spare bedroom and then converted my sons closet into storage for our supplies and albums that were ready to ship. My husband and I would spend a few nights a week packaging orders, and the 2 kids (at the time) and I would take a few boxes to the post office everyday. We are blown away by God's kindness and how He has allowed our little "idea" to become a shop that has served so many families over the years. After a few years, the Ruby Love School Years book came about as my son began school and I knew those who had babies when I made the baby books, would also love a place to write about their precious school years. 

It has been so neat to see the progress of our little company and we are branching out even more now on a new adventure that I cannot wait to share.

I am currently finishing up the design process on a planner/organizer/home binder/notebook, hopefully to launch for the holidays and New Year. 

I know as a mom of 3, homeschooling, keeping the home, making time for my husband, I can't trust my memory to keep track of all that I need to do and care for. I wanted a place to keep my brain in a way that worked for me. I don't love phone calendars (I know some do!) but there is something about writing it out that helps organize my thoughts, plan my days, meals, and makes it super fun to check off my to-do boxes. I hope this little project of mine will bless you too!

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