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Choosing a Personalization Option

Hannah Mockary

Posted on April 07 2017

How to Choose The Perfect Personalization for Your Baby Book


One of the most important (and difficult) jobs of being a new parent is deciding on the perfect name for your little babe. Now that you’ve done all the heavy lifting, you want it to look perfect on your Ruby Love baby book – but which personalization option do you choose?


Choosing Your Personalization Option

We’ve put together some helpful tips for you in choosing which style option will best compliment your little one’s beautiful name on the cover of a timeless keepsake.


    Option 1 – First Names Only


      Our first personalization option is perfect for covers with first names only This option uses your child’s first name (displayed in front) along with his/her first initial. Keep in mind that certain letters will give a different effect (for example the letter “S” or “A” may convey a more symmetrical look compared to the letters “L” or “J”).





        Option 2 –Short First Names


          Option 2, like Option 1, is used for first names. Again, as in option 1, this option utilizes your child’s first name and first initial. However, for this option, your child’s first name is stylized with classic cursive font. The cursive will make the name a little longer, therefore names with more than 8-9 characters, such as Marguerite or Nathaniel, will have a smaller sized font by comparison.





            Option 3 – Two Name Flair


              Option 3 is our favorite style! This option uses two different fonts to display your child’s first and middle names, giving the cover an added flair. With this in mind, it is important to realize that if your child’s first name contains hanging letters (i.e. “z”, “j”, “y”, “p”) in the middle of or at the end of the name, it will influence the placement of his or her middle name. Additionally, if your child has a short first name and long middle name, this will also affect the overall look of the design (see “Kai Harrison” example).





                Option 4 – Short Two Names


                  Unlike the other personalization options, Option 4 employs the use of playful polka dots to highlight your baby’s first and middle names. This adorable option is particularly well suited for names that contain 2-6 letters. For names with more than 6 letters, the sizing of the design will differ.





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