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Library Books Baby Shower!

Julie Martin

Posted on July 31 2015

I have a personal blog where I have posted about showers that I have hosted. I want to share some of my favorites here as one of our most popular baby book pages is the Extra Baby Shower Page since having baby showers is seriously so much fun!

I know many popular wedding & party blogs have crazy photos, immense budgets and fancy pants connections. Well, how is it practical for people in the real world to have a meaningful shower that also looks super cute too! So, I will be sharing some past baby showers that I have thrown personally to give ideas and helpful budget saving tips.


From my blog:

What an incredible blessing it was to celebrate the sweet baby boy of my dear friend. The Lord has graciously blessed them with a treasured and much-prayed for little boy and we just had to party! She was a teacher for a long time so she loves book, reading, and anything "school-y" .

We did a little library theme for the baby shower and it was super fun.

we created a fun cupcake bar! we had 5 different types of cupcakes, 6 different frostings and tons of toppings! the guests could customize their cupcake to their liking! and, we provided plastic boxes for leftovers to take home!

books everywhere!

So many people always offer to help with a shower but it hard to make every look cohesive when many different people contribute. So, I had many different people simply bake different flavors of plain cupcakes. So simple but way cheaper and way less work for me!

to add height and dimension to the table, we covered hardback books with cute kraft wrapping paper.

My sweet friend LOVES coloring (yes, as an adult! She says it is relaxing!) So one of our games/contests was a coloring contest. I printed off simple free coloring pages online and she picked her favorites and they won a little prize. 

everyone loved it! some people got REALLY into it! :)

My sweet friend and the FOOOOOD!

what a wonderful evening to celebrate such a special mommy and new little boy. 




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