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Ruby Love Blog

  • New and exciting!

    Julie Martin

    Posted on September 02 2015

    Ruby Love Baby was born many years ago out of a desire to have a baby book for my own s...
  • Library Books Baby Shower!

    Julie Martin

    Posted on July 31 2015

    I have a personal blog where I have posted about showers that I have hosted. I want to ...
  • Brickyard Buffalo

    Emily Rhoads

    Posted on July 29 2015

    We are super excited to partner with the flash sale site BRICKYARD BUFFALO! We are offe...
  • Birthday Gift Ideas

    Julie Martin

    Posted on June 04 2015

    Summer with children seems to bring with it a birthday party invitation coming in every...
  • bebe!

    Julie Martin

    Posted on June 03 2015

    My husband and I had the opportunity to travel to Paris last month and what an amazing ...