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123 Zoo Board Book by Puck | Babies | Toddlers

$ 7.95

A favorite (and well designed) board book for babies and toddlers.

Sturdy construction for lots of use!

6 x 6 inches - 22 pages - Board Book - ISBN: 9781938093081

From counting penguins and lions to giraffes and bears, this board book introduces toddlers to the familiar sights of a zoo while making basic numbers fun to learn. Parents and children can count to 10 using iconic zoo animals depicted with vivid colors and bold design. 

Perfectly sized for small hands, this durable board book also includes a “Let’s Talk” section with conversation starters to help parents begin a fun discussion with their kids.

About the Author

Puck is the author of the Cool Counting Books series, the Doodle Books series, My Foodie ABC, and New York Baby. He has worked as a writer, an editor, and a translator for national publications and publishing houses.

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