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123 USA Board Book | by Puck | Babies | Toddlers

$ 7.95

A favorite (and well designed) board book for babies and toddlers.

Sturdy construction for lots of use!

6 x 6 inches - 22 pages - Board Book - ISBN: 9780979621314

Count from 1 to 10 with some of America's most cherished symbols and landmarks in this board book designed for curious children and their parents. The Statue of Liberty, The White House, the Bald Eagle, apple pie, Uncle Sam's Top Hats, and more are all depicted here using amusing illustrations, dazzling colors and bold, clear design. 

In the final page of the book, 123 USA includes a complete location list, in English and Spanish, where parents can locate the symbols and landmarks and participate in this entertaining trip to America.

While practicing essential number skills, kids will enjoy reading 123 USA over and over again.

About the Authors

Puck is the author of the Cool Counting Books series, the Doodle Books series, My Foodie ABC, and New York Baby. He has worked as a writer, an editor, and a translator for national publications and publishing houses.

Kevin Somers is an author and artist who has worked in comics, animation, fine arts and publishing for more than 15 years. He is the author of Meaner than the Meanest (Hyperion, 2001), writer and illustrator of The Incredible Hulk: Project Hide (Marvel Comics, 1998) and the creator of the comic strip series Monkey Time (Disney Adventures Magazine, 1999).

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