The Baby Book

We make our albums by hand and we print using an eco-friendly printer all in the United States. Our standard baby book is a 9"x8" 3 ring fabric covered binder that comes with 52 custom designed pages to record the many memories of your baby's first year.

* Family Tree
* Mom + Dad
* The Pregnancy
* Your Name
* Your Baby Shower
* The Birth Day
* This Day in History
* The Cost of Living
* Milestones
* Teeth Chart
* Growth Chart
* Health History
* Early Days @ Home
* 0-3 Months
* 3-6 Months
* 6-9 Months
* 9-12 Months
* The First Birthday
* Reflections on a Year Gone By
* Various Journal + Photo Pages
* A 14 Month calendar with matching stickers to mark events, milestones, and special days
+ 20 blank acid-free, archival pages for additional journaling, photos, and scrapbooking

What we love about our baby book is your ability to make it work for you... you can add pages, page packs, a keepsake envelope, or journaling pages throughout exactly how you want it. We want you to love our baby book as much as we do!