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Golden Feathers | Baby Book

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The Golden Feathers Silhouette Album by Ruby Love Baby is a stylish and modern baby memory book for documenting the life of a precious little one's first year and beyond.

For the inside pages, we offer 18 color schemes. Please use the drop down menu to the right to choose your favorite! For this particular baby book cover, we recommend any of our gray based color schemes!


Make sure to add on some of our extra pages and page packs here: 

We have a number of sweet additions, including the hands & feet page, siblings, first holidays and more! You can also extend the memories by adding on a Year 2 or Years 3-5 or Calendar page pack! Take a quick peek before you check out! We're sure that you'll find something that fits you.


If you want to customize the front window of your baby book with your child’s name, then add it to your order for only $5 extra! 


Each album is handmade and comes with 52 custom designed pages. It’s a 9” x 8” x 3” album and the actual page size is 7.75” x 7.5”. 

See all the pages we include in our FAQ section! 

ALL ruby*love baby books content & designs are copyright 2012 of RUBY LOVE LOS ANGELES


thanks and cheers to a loved (and well-documented) baby!


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